Complete Streaming Guide: Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023

by VPN Guider

February 4, 2023

High-speed thrill across the most authentic street circuit in the capital city of Baku Azerbaijan grand prix has to be there at the top of the charts across the F1 championship calendar;

The 6 km long close and most extended straight DRS zone is also notorious for its massive tight castle section where Charles Leclerc jammed his Ferrari in 2019 after the Azerbaijan grand prix qualifying round was over.

More about the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Infamous Lewis Hamilton magic lockup in the restart where Checo Perez won his first race in P1 once sitting in the new red bull as his teammate Max Verstappen met the unfortunate Pirelli tire blast, denting doubts of his first chasing world driver’s championship.

Discover Baku, the city where East meets West. At Baku City Circuit, automobiles race past the medieval old town against a stunning background of futuristic buildings. Experience the action on the track from premium grandstand seats or experience VIP hospitality in the Formula 1 Paddock ClubTM. Guided Track Tours, Pit Lane Walks, and other trackside activities are available in Baku.

How to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Qualifying?

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

To watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying that starts from 18:15 local time, 14:15 GMT / 15:15 BST / 16:15 CEST / 16:15 SAST / 17:15 EAT / 10:15 ET / 07:15 PT / 00:15 AEST (Sunday) / 23:15 JST / 19:45 IST. The Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying time might differ from time zones and region, given that the setting up of the starting grid of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix needs to be set up a day prior on Saturday. The audience requires information regarding all the broadcasters and telecasters available in their areas as the official partners.

In the United States and North America

ESPN 2 is the official telecaster across North America; hence, the broadcasting starting from free practice 1 (FP1) on Friday will begin at 14:30 UCT as the Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying time, making it easier for the North American audience to watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

With the growing popularity and commercial success of the newly added Miami and Las Vegas Grand Prix, ESPN has cracked a new deal with Formula 1, announcing the agreement till 2025, making it even more accessible for all the subscribers to watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the entire calendar with one annual subscription package over broadcasting avenues in their devices and telecasting over the comfort of their home to relax and enjoy the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.


1. Where can I watch the Azerbaijan GP live in the UK?
Sky Sports F1 has exclusive rights to broadcast the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in the UK. The race can be seen in 4K quality if you have a Sky Sports subscription - the Sky Sports F1 channel costs £18 per month. A NOW TV Sports Pass, which gives you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels for a short period, is a better alternative. A Day Pass costs £9.99, while a Monthly Pass costs £33.99.
2. Where in Australia can I watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix live?
In Australia, Fox Sports is the official broadcaster for all F1 races in the 2022 season. Therefore you can watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix live on Foxtel. Kay Sports is another excellent choice for protecting the Baku Grand Prix. The sports streaming service broadcasts live coverage of every Formula One event, including the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. You may also join up for a 14-day free trial to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix for free, after which plans begin at $25.
3. Should I use VPN to stream Azerbaijan GP live?
If you're about to stream Azerbaijan GP live using free streaming sites, VPNs are a must.

In Singapore

After the massive success of the Singapore Grand Prix, the F1 fan base in Singapore has increased massively, making all the possible avenues open for new deals to be signed for the official broadcasters known as Singtel to experience all the F1 calendar races, including Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Fox Sports Channels in Asia pacific have been shut down, and the alternatives to watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix have been climbing up the charts of how to watch Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Channel 112 has been the Holy Grail for f1 one telecasting and broadcasting in Singapore, also known as Singtel, and has recently secured a new deal with the parent body of Formula one. Mio Sports 2 has completely pivoted on its value for motorsport making the Azerbaijan Grand Prix an absolute banger when it comes across the nation, starting from FP1 and Azerbaijan Grand Prix Qualifying.

All Singtel TV subscribers will be able to tune in to the Baku Street circuit races in Azerbaijan GP for free during the upcoming Grand Prix weekend from April 28 to 30. After the trial, Singtel TV users who subscribe to the World Sports pack and the Value and Ultimate packs will be able to watch the Formula 1 races.



Those in Austria may every second be ready to watch Azerbaijan GP live for free. ServusTV broadcasts live coverage of all F1 races in Austria. But what if you’re on vacation and don’t want to pay for television in another country? You may still watch the race if you use a VPN. The same is true for F1 fans who live in areas where races like the Azerbaijan GP are not broadcast live.

Just follow these steps to watch the Azerbaijan Grand Prix live stream for free:

  • Subscribe to a VPN provider.
  • Download and install the app on your device.
  • Connect to a server in Austria.
  • Open ServusTV and watch the Azerbaijan GP restriction-free!