How to Send Anonymous Emails? A Complete Guide

by Vpn Guider

October 6, 2022

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you want to send an important email but fear exposing your identity? There are many instances when you want to browse the web anonymously and send anonymous emails. But, most users fail to do so because they don’t know how to send anonymous emails.

If you’re also the one who’s behind the answer, then you have come to the right page. This article is all about sending anonymous emails. So, let’s jump into it and find our answers. Before we get into the main topic, you need to know why we need anonymous emails.

Reasons to Send Anonymous Emails

There are several occasions when you feel the need to send anonymous emails. Below are the most prominent reasons why you should send anonymous emails.

You’re A Whistleblower

Like a detective, a stool pigeon is vital in combating various crimes, frauds, and other activities that violate the law. Reporting such events might risk the life of an individual. There is always a great chance that the opposition party can blackmail and bully them. Thus, to protect yourself from all these troubles sending anonymous emails is always a great option.

You’re A Journalist

In some countries, journalists are always on the target list of the government and armed forces. It is not easy for a journalist to work in such circumstances. Thus, they send anonymous emails to communicate with their colleagues and sources.

Avoid Tracking and Spamming

Advertisers are always behind you. These companies collect data from the ISPs and then target users with ads. The best way to avoid such spam is to create an anonymous email account containing accurate information.

You Live In An Oppressive Regime

If you live in a country that follows strict internet laws and all your activities get tracked by the government, you can use an anonymous email service. You can enjoy free internet and communication with anonymous email services because no one can ever follow you.

Three Methods to Send Anonymous Emails

To send anonymous emails, one should ensure that they are following any one of the mentioned below ways:

Using An Encrypted Email Service

Encrypted Email Service


Encrypted email services work like regular email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. The only difference is that it has an extra encrypting email feature. Encryption encrypts the entire email content, subject line, contact list, and inbox. No one can track and read your Send Anonymous Emails, including the service providers.

There are several anonymous email platforms, but not all of them are reliable to use. The most reliable ones are as follows.


ProtonMail is among the most secure anonymous email providers that use PGP encryption before reaching the recipient’s inbox. The service is available in free and compensated versions, but considering the security, it is better to go with the premium version. Also, the free version offers limited benefits to the paid ones.

The service provider has a strict no-log policy meaning it doesn’t store any activity logs or email copies. It asks the users to provide their contact number, but it is only for account confirmation. If the agencies get after these services and ask for data, they can’t offer it because they don’t store it.

Tutanota Email Provider

The second best email provider for sending an anonymous email is Tutanota. It is a cheap service with a strict no-log policy. The provider doesn’t compromise on providing robust security while sending emails. Also, all the data is erased after Send Anonymous Emails for privacy reasons. It encrypts not only the email and inbox but also the contact list.

The best thing about Tutanota is that it is open-source software, and anyone can examine and provide a solution for the problems. The disadvantage of using Tutanota is that it belongs to Germany, which falls under the surveillance alliance’s jurisdiction.

Secure Email

The next secure, anonymous email provider is a secure email. It uses 4096-bit encryption and an SSL certificate to keep Send Anonymous Emails. With such strong encryption, no one can ever track or detect you. Also, you don’t need to provide your personally identifiable information while creating an account.

The service provider also promises not to log any information, including the IP address. It is a reliable option, but since not many people review it, we recommend looking at other options first.

Use Burner Email

Use Burner Email


A burner email is a disposable email that expires after a particular time. You can use it temporarily to send anonymous emails. You don’t even register for the account since they get destroyed after some time, so, by means, you can get traced.

It is an ideal option for Send Anonymous Emails because it leaves no proof that you send any email. Moreover, they also prevent spam emails when you register on a suspicious website. The only downside of using burner emails is to reset the registered account. Once you forget your password, it is tough to get it back. Thus, make sure you use it once and not again.

Use a VPN

Despite using any method for sending anonymous emails, don’t forget to use a VPN along with it. A VPN is the best yet most effective solution for increasing online anonymity and security. When you send anonymous emails by any method mentioned above, it won’t have your name and address but your IP address. In this era of technological advancement, it is relatively easy to trace anyone by their IP address.

Using a VPN ensures that all your data routes through an encrypted tunnel and becomes unidentifiable to anyone. Thus, invest in a trustworthy VPN provider. But make sure you choose a VPN with a verified no-log policy. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are among the best no-log VPN providers that ensure not storing users’ logs and IP addresses.

With a VPN, you can enjoy sending anonymous emails for whatever purpose you want.

How Do Anonymous Email Account Works?

As the name implies, anonymous email accounts operate by encrypting your email content. It includes the metadata, subject line, and also IP address. Since some email services follow a zero-knowledge policy, you don’t need to provide your PII. Furthermore, other service providers follow a no-log policy. It ensures that your activities are not recorded and thus makes it impossible for anyone to trace you.

Once the email gets encrypted, the digital journey from the network begins. The email is sent from one server to the other. When the email goes from the outbox to some receiver’s inbox, the entire email is vulnerable to hackers. But because of encryption, the cyber-crooks can’t read it as the content is all scrambled. Only when the concerned person opens it, then it becomes readable.

Five Steps to Create An Anonymous Email Account

Creating an anonymous email account is not at all problematic. All you need is to follow the five steps mentioned below:

  1. Choose a secure email service provider. It should be a paid one because the free ones are not very reliable. My recommendation is to use ProtonMail. Among all others, ProtonMail is the most secure email platform, and it also allows us to enter many addresses at a time.
  2. Sign up on the website and set your anonymous username and password.
  3. Now login to your account by using the credentials you entered.
  4. Tap on ‘Upgrade’ and select the subscription plan.
  5. Choose the payment method. Usually, it accepts payments through cash or bitcoin. If you choose to pay via bitcoin, your identity remains hidden.

Can Someone Trace You With Anonymous Emails?

The best way to remain anonymous online and send anonymous emails is to use a reliable VPN provider. You should also use a secure email service platform along with a VPN. The VPN is the best available privacy tool in today’s era. It encrypts the data by creating a secure tunnel through which the data traffic passes and masks your IP address.

Unfortunately, you can still get tracked using the secure email platform and a VPN. Several VPNs claim to provide robust security and online protection, but they fail to do so in reality. Some VPNs log user data that can reveal the user’s identity. Moreover, some services can scan Send Anonymous Emails for any illicit activity. They record all the details and can forward them to your ISP, and you can get caught.

Start using a disposable email account to avoid getting tracked for anonymous emails. Such accounts are self-destroyed after some time and are best when you want to send emails without revealing your accurate information. Also, as you’ll be using a VPN, it should follow a strict no-log policy that doesn’t collect any activity log.

Security Tips to Send Anonymous Emails

By now, you all have a better idea of the importance of anonymous emails and how you can send them. This section shares some security tips that boost your security and hide your online identity when sending anonymous emails. So, let’s read on.

  • Always use a VPN while you send anonymous emails. It hides your IP address before you sign in to your secure email service provider.
  • Make sure that you change your password weekly or monthly. Your password should be firm and hard to track. You can also use the best password managers to help you with this matter.
  • Use a public hotspot along with a VPN to access your anonymous email. Avoid using it from your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Make a new email account on some reliable anonymous email service.
  • Don’t use your real name, location, address, or birth date while emailing. Avoid sharing any information by which you can get traced.
  • Your email address should be one containing a random string of characters.
  • Never use the anonymous account information to log in to other apps and services like Facebook and Spotify.
  • Use as much fake news as you can. You shouldn’t use your phone number.
  • Fast VPN connection speeds
  • Works with Netflix & BBC iPlayer
  • Efficient Kill-Switch feature
  • No IP,DNS, or WebTRC leaks
  • Apps available for popular platforms

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Final Thoughts

Sending anonymous emails might sound new to you, but it is the need of the hour. There are various reasons for sending anonymous emails, all of which are valid. You can send anonymous emails using an encrypted email service, burner email, and a VPN.