How to watch Ligue 1 in USA?

by VPN Guider

January 28, 2023

To watch Ligue 1 in the US, multiple streaming platforms are available on the internet that could use for the purpose. Ligue 1 is a famous French soccer tournament where all the region’s top clubs participate to prove their supremacy. It is popular in western countries due to the kind of thrill and action this tournament brings.

The football freaks of the west asked how to watch League 1 in the US, so this article is dedicated to solving their worries. The streaming channels of France charged high subscription customs to the viewers of the USA. It is one of the prime tournaments regarding the official championships of the sport played on the European continent.

Best Platforms to watch Ligue 1 with VPN

Some major streaming websites, along with the official digital broadcasters, are present on the internet to watch Ligue 1 in the USA. But beneath are the top four platforms that would surely solve the puzzles of American netizens about how to watch Ligue 1 in the US.

Sling TV

watch Ligue 1

Sling TV is a free sports streaming blog that users can access in the US with the help of a VPN. It is a perfect solution for the fans who are worried and continuously asked about where to watch Ligue 1  in a free-of-cost manner.

Sling TV is one of the excellent platforms to watch Ligue online, but a strong VPN connection is the primary need to access this application smoothly. Thus the football crazies of the US can think of Sling TV to amuse this grand football championship.


1. How to watch Ligue 1 tournament in Mexico and Canada?
Several platforms like Sling TV and Amazon Prime Video can be used to stream Ligue 1 in Mexico and Canada.
2. How to watch League 1 in the US with the help of VPN clients?
The VPN clients like NordVPN and Turbo VPN can be used to stream Ligue 1.
3. Will Amazon prime video broadcast the Ligue one tournament in New York?
Yes, Amazon Prime Video live telecasts all matches from the French Football tournament Ligue 1.
4. Is there any free streaming platform available to watch Ligue 1 in US and Australia?
Sling TV can be opted to watch Ligue 1 in the US and Australia free of cost.

beIN Sports

BeIN sports network

beIN Sports is a global Sports network owned by the media group of Qatar. To watch Ligue 1 tournaments in America, this platform could prove the best tool for the digital audience. This platform offers premium and free services to customers based on their requirements.

So beIN sports can be said as a one-shot solution for the folks who inquired on the internet about where to watch Ligue 1 in America. The multilingual commentary, along with high-definition video quality, is the USP of this platform.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

To watch Ligue 1 in the US, Amazon prime video could also be a decent alternative for people who can pay a small amount. Amazon prime offered monthly subscription offers of $14.99 and $139 for a yearly premium offer. About how to watch Ligue 1 This application provides a complete guide on its official website for its users.

But Amazon prime video is not built for the netizens who want to enjoy and watch Ligue 1 in the US but in a cost-free way. The broadcast team of this platform serves a whole package of entertainment from the Ligue 1 tournaments, including pre and post-match analysis of each encounter and many more.

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Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is a British sports media group which has grabbed the rights to broadcast League 1 in the US. To watch Ligue 1 in the region, users must switch to this platform which offers a complete entertainment package in free and premium-based services.

But a VPN connection is the first condition to stream this channel digitally under the boundaries of the USA. This UK-based streaming channel has a pretty good network in the western part of the world, establishing its authenticity for the users. So these are the platforms delineated above, which can be selected to watch Ligue 1 in the US.