Top 10 Torrents Sites for Indian Movies

by VPN Guider

December 2, 2022

Torrents sites for Indian Movies in India has always been popular. Indians have always found a way to access content that would generally be inaccessible to them without having to pay first for it. Torrent has continued to be one of the top ways Indian downloads resources and files off the internet.

There are many torrent sites for Indian movies available on the web, and those sites and clients offer a wide range of files and content in many different forms. But not everyone has the know-how or the patience to track through different pages just to access one download link. Here are top 10 torrents sites for Indian Movies that allow and offer links to download.

Best Torrents sites for Indian Movies

1. Filmy Anju

Torrents sites for Indian Movies


It is one of the generic Torrents sites for Indian Movies that does not have a lot of input in terms of its design or User Interface but the simplicity that it offers is what makes it a preferred choice among the users and visitors as they do not care much about how the site looks but only whether it can deliver what they ask from it.

2. Best HD Movies

Top 10 Torrents Sites for Indian Movies


Best HD Movies is the same as filmy Anju, the difference being the design and UI. This Torrents sites for Indian Movies is somewhat pleasant and convenient to look at as well as in navigating since they do have the search option as a main feature on the home page which is sometimes hidden in the corner of some of the torrents and other websites. 

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay


The pirate bay is one of the oldest and one of the most popular Torrents sites for Indian Movies that have been around. Its design and interface are unique and almost etched into the minds of regular users. On the homepage it has many categories surrounding the search option and searching for the movie one is looking for also brings suggestions concerning torrent links and other movies that could interest the user.

4. Torrent Funk

Torrent Funk


It is one of the more popular torrent clients in the current atmosphere because of its ‘funky’ design. They curate a list of the top 50 movies currently and offer links to the movies directly on their homepage. They also list the top 50 torrents that are being demanded at the moment and they keep updating it as per the scenario. They have a good UI to get along with their site layout which makes it fun to navigate around the site.

5. Best HD Movies.Fun

Best HD movies. fun is a sister site of best HD movies following the same philosophy as the site mentioned earlier. They aim to provide a smooth and convenient user interface which has resulted in a design which is decent but not top quality. This Torrents sites for Indian Movies performs its task amicably which is what they are striding for.

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents


Kickass torrents are a part of the kickass franchise or kickass family that have its roots in one and many options and offers services for the same. They have sites that offer anime streams, and sites that offer streaming services for different movies and series. The current site acts as a torrent client or torrent link provider, but lately, it has been quieting down a lot because of a lack of sponsors available for the site.

7. Bolly2Tolly



Bolly2tolly is an Indian site that predominantly offers links to Indian movies. The site covers every media industry in India, not just Bollywood, but also Tollywood, as well as the southern film industry which is varied and divided and has rich content to contribute to the media industry of the nation. They also provide links and access to tv shows which is a bonus for the visitors of the site.

8. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent


Like many Torrents sites for Indian Movies we have seen as reviewers and users, this one is a generic site which aims to deliver the task and complete it as it was requested. Many of the new and small torrent sites do not care much for the design and the visual appeal as they care about building a user base and maintaining a healthy retainer of its users as the torrent environment has never been more cutthroat.

9. 99HD films

This is one of the older Torrents sites for Indian Movies, it has been around for a while but is not considered to be part of the old guard of torrent sites. It never managed to make a charge as a leader among the torrents and never came close to becoming the best but it has managed to maintain its existence as a torrent for a while now.

Available on :

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10. Movie Torrent

This is one of the most comprehensive Torrents sites for Indian Movies I have ever seen which specializes in movie content and provides links to the movies, old as well as latest. They have so many categories as well as neat and proper segregation with regards to the movies listed and available for access. The categories include Bollywood, Hollywood, dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi, as well as a separate tabs for classification by year, and display quality as well. The users can search for the movies as well using the search bar.