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USA Netflix $6.99 per month Watch Now
* Prices may change, prices last updated 2 days ago




I have been using expressvpn for few years. So far I have had no issues that could not be solved with the technical support services, rarely faced cases with slow internet speed, managed to access the internet highly secured manner. I am satisfied with the service as well as the cost of the service.



ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN service that works well on mobile, desktop, and even on my Smart TV via the VPN router. The rare times that I have had a problem it has been resolved efficiently by chat support. I have been a customer for years and will continue to be.



ExpressVPN is the clear winner in the VPN game. The user-interface couldn't be more crisp and clean. Connections and settings are easy to understand and are simple in their delivery.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is software developed to make your interactions on the internet secure, private, encrypted, and fast.

Why use a VPN for movies?

Using a VPN for movies protects your privacy and security whenever you’re online on any device. But there are times when it is necessary to use a VPN to browse freely and protect yourself online from any attacks and data leaks.

Watch geo-blocked restricted content

Some nations use IP addresses to restrict the internet content available to their citizens. A quality VPN for movies can bypass censored content and freely stream what you like to access.

But not only governments control what you browse online. Companies and universities often block streaming services and entertainment websites. With a VPN for movies, you can unlock the web and be free to stream what you like.

Avoid bandwidth throttling during movie streaming

Streaming can take up many data. That’s why your internet service provider (ISP) may intentionally slow down your connection or “throttle”. The solution to this issue is using a VPN for movies, Your ISP won’t go through the data packets, so your internet service provider won’t be able to throttle that traffic based on what service you’re using. VPNs can break through ISP throttling and buffering.

The significant determining factor is what protocols your VPN supports. A high-quality VPN for movies with 128 or 256-bit encryption is much more likely not to be detected by your ISP for internet traffic throttling.

Stream securely on public WiFi

It’s handy to use public WiFi for streaming when you’re in a cafe or waiting at an airport. But remember that public WiFi is not secure. “free” public WiFi hotspots are often commercial operations that collect and sell your browsing history. This comes with a greater risk when there exists the risk of keyloggers being instigated.

While connected to a VPN for movies, It will provide users with a secure connection way to stream movies online

Security from third-party free streaming websites:

Various users prefer to avoid buying subscriptions to Netflix, Prime, Hotstar and other OTT platforms that provide us with numerous entertainment. Hence people go for a third-party website or use unauthorized apps and links to stream movies online for free, which carries unknown risks for the viewers.

The highest chance of using third-party websites is personal data leaks, malware attacks, theft of browsing data, and allocation of cookies unknowingly, which keeps track of your personal preferences.

VPN for movies here comes as your super saviour as it rescues and provides you with a safe and secure tunnel for your online activities, a wide range of quality security features, and a black wall for the risks of being spied on.

Keep your streaming private

When you’re streaming, your ISP can track your online history; the websites you visit, your everyday activities, your daily preferences, and your watchlist, and it might sell your private browsing data. This comes with a greater risk when there exists the risk of keyloggers being instigated When. While connected to a VPN for movies, your ISP won’t be able to track or monitor your browsing history but will view your logging status as “Connected to a VPN.”


You may be out of your country’s border or concerned about accessing the third-party watch stream. The best solution is to use VPN. VPN makes movie streaming a fast-paced, thrilling, and secure experience for entertainment fans.

List of Top 5 VPN for Movies in 2023
  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. Cyber Ghost
  5. Private Internet ACCESS
How to note if your VPN for Movies streaming is good enough?
  • Fast speeds: Optimized VPN servers let you securely stream 4K movies and TV without buffering and lags
  • Worldwide Servers: A global network of VPN servers means you’ll always find one to connect at any desired central location
  • A no-logs policy: They should keep no record of your online activity.
  • Strong encryption: They use only the most robust VPN protocols to secure your connection.
  • Advanced security: Features like DNS leak protection and a kill switch protect your privacy, even when your connection fails.

Why Choose a VPN?