Which is the most Private Search Engine?

by VPN Guider

January 13, 2023

Many private search engines are available, but all of them work differently & have different features depending on the user’s needs. Knowing which is the most private search engine can be challenging.

Some of the notable private search engines are listed below:

  • Duckduckgo – founded in 2008 by gabriel weinberg. It is used by more than 50 million users daily. It does not collect personal information. Instead, it gathers search results anonymously.
  • Startpage– It is one of the world’s most private search Engines, founded in 2006 in the Netherlands by David Bodnick.
  • Qwant– It doesn’t personalize search results based on browsing history.

Some of the best private search engines, like duckduckgo, Startpage, and quant, do not track user data, and also, they are not selling our data and are not tracking us like google or bing.

Google’s dominance in the search engine market raises concerns about the potential for the company to manipulate search results and stifle competition.

Google tracks users across the web, including the websites they visit and the search terms they use, which can raise concerns about privacy and the security of personal information.

Google’s search results can be influenced by paid ads, making it difficult for users to distinguish paid results from organic results.

Nowadays, people are concerned about their privacy and security, so they are looking for alternatives to Google. 

How to select a Private Search Engine?

Well, there are many critical factors for selecting a private search engine.

  • Encryption
  • Data collection
  • Privacy Policy
  • Data tracking
  • Open source 

There are dozens of factories for choosing the search engine, but some key factors are Data Tracking & Encryption.

You must be aware that every search query we are asking on these search engines should be secure and encrypted with TLS certificates so that our data is secured. 

Also, we have to check if there is a suitable vulnerability. There may be a chance of browser vulnerability in potential use cases for log retention. 

Options Among Private Search Engines

Duckduckgo, Startpage & Quant all provide these features in their services. Duckduckgo also blocks all third-party trackers by default, stopping companies from tracking us. It has some shortcut commands also.


private search engine

Duckduckgo has one remarkable feature called instant message answers that can quickly show us instant search queries regarding our questions. Duckduckgo also offers a web extension that allows users to search from the address bar & block trackers on any site they want.



Startpage uses anonymous results from google so that the search queries results are high quality. It also offers a proxy service allowing users to browse from their servers, making it impossible to track us.


1. Do private search engine use cookies?
Yes, some private search engines use small text files for storing data, and these cookies do not collect any personal data & can delete at any time.
2. Do private search engines sell personal data to third parties?
Private search engines do not sell or share personal data with third parties.
3. Do private search engines show personalized search results?
No, They do not show personalized search results based on a user's browsing history or personal data.
4. Is DuckDuckGo as good as Google?
DuckDuckGo's search results may not be as comprehensive as Google, but many users find the privacy protections and lack of tracking to be worth the trade-off.
5. Is DuckDuckGo open source?
Yes, DuckDuckGo is open-source, and its code is publicly available on Github, which allows developers to audit and contribute to the codebase.
6. Does DuckDuckGo have a mobile app?
Yes, DuckDuckGo has mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices. It has the native mac app also, which is running in beta versions.



Qwant is another search engine that does not track users’ data or browsing history.It also has one unique feature that will allow anyone to access the cache version of any website anonymously without worrying about tracking.



One unique search engine is WolframAlpha, solving  our technical problems through AI & Big data analysis & generating reports. It is also not storing any personal data and also does not track our web browsing history.

Available on :

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Google’s dominance in the search engine market raises concerns about the potential for the company to manipulate search results and stifle competition. Google has experienced data breaches in the past, which have resulted in the loss of the personal data of millions of users.

Private search engines will reduce the number of unwanted ads & will help you for a smooth overall browsing experience. Private search engines will help you to browse the web without any distractions. Private search engines have fewer restrictions than traditional search engines like google, bing and Yandex.

Relying too much on Google can make exploring new sources of information challenging and can make one less adaptive to new search engines.

In conclusion, duckduckgo is considered the best private search engine because of the community’s trust and the features it provides. They have recently introduced a new email protection feature, which allows us to hide our email and send their email forwarding services by identifying which trackers are blocking us in email.