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by Vpn Guider

September 29, 2022

If you dwell in a country with strict internet censorship like Lithuania, it won’t be easy for you to access the free internet. You can’t watch the streamed content, nor can you download torrent. However, a Lithuania IP address would open doors to the deep internet world. In today’s age, it is easy to change your virtual location with a reliable VPN. To aid our readers with the best VPN for Lithuania, we’ve prepared this guide for them. Read the complete article and enhance your knowledge about the VPN that you can use in Lithuania.

Using the best VPN for Lithuania, you can access all the blocked sites and services in the region. A VPN is a perfect tool to hide your online activities by changing your IP address and geographical location on any device. There are several other benefits that a Lithuanian VPN offers to the user. Before we get into it, let’s first discuss Lithuania’s internet situation and the need to use a VPN.

Data Retention Laws in Lithuania

Data Retention Laws


The entire European Union implemented the DRD in 2006 to fight against increasing crimes and terrorism. In Lithuania, these laws took the form of the Law on Electronic Communication in 2008. Under these regulations, the ISP keeps the user data for six months. However, in 2014, the Court of Justice criticized these directives for revealing all the user’s sensitive information.

At present, these laws change barely. It means that the ISP still has the right to gather and store the user’s personal data for six months. The Constitutional Republic of Lithuania forbids anyone from collecting any information regarding users’ personal life. Lithuania’s serious situation is that either it is lawful to collect users’ data or not.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Lithuania?

Best VPN for Lithuania


VPN encrypts the data traffic before it leaves your device. Your device’s type doesn’t matter; with the best VPN, your data always remains secure and protected. VPN uses a military-grade encryption level to protect user data. When you connect to a VPN so, your data undergoes the encryption process. In this process, the data becomes invisible, and in an unreadable form, it becomes impossible for anyone to detect you or your activities.

Encryption is the foremost important factor that you must consider when you select the best VPN for Lithuania. The VPN you choose should offer AES 256-bit encryption as it is the industry’s highest encryption level. Besides this, there are other things as well that need consideration.  The mentioned below are some of the essential factors to look for in the best VPN for Lithuania. We used the same stuff to review and recommend the best VPNs in the next section. These factors include:

  • Connection Speed: Don’t use a VPN that provides slow speed and ruins your streaming, browsing, and torrenting experience with frequent buffering and connection lags.
  • Zero Logging Policy: If you use a VPN that follows a zero-logging policy, you remain more secure. A VPN with a no-log policy means that it doesn’t keep user metadata that can expose their identities.
  • Server Network: To get the Lithuania IP address, ensure that the VPN you choose has servers in Lithuania and many other countries.
  • Streaming Ability: The VPN you choose should bypass the geographical restrictions and stream content from various streaming channels.

Why Should You Use a VPN in Lithuania?

Use a VPN


Your effort to use a VPN to increase your online security and privacy never goes wasted. No matter if you experience internet censorship or not, protecting your digital privacy is the right of every individual, regardless of your location. Several reasons contribute to using a VPN in Lithuania. Some of the most prominent reasons are as follows:

Watch Blocked Content

If you live in Lithuania, you probably can’t access services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, and others. The international content laws limit you from watching content from other regions. If you attempt to use these services, you share your local IP address with them. If your IP address or country is not on their list, you can’t proceed further. It is more frustrating if you have come to Lithuania for vacation or some work. You can’t stream the content from your home country, and this makes you more annoyed.

The best VPN for Lithuania allows the user to bypass the regional restrictions and access the blocked content from anywhere. All credit goes to encryption as it encrypts the data traffic and makes it invisible to everyone. You can get a Lithuania IP address that makes you anonymous over the web, and even you can access blocked sites like gambling without worrying about getting caught.

Torrenting and P2P File-Sharing

If you are fond of watching movies, listening to songs, and playing games from other regions but fear Lithuania’s torrenting laws, then using a VPN is the perfect solution. The best VPN for Lithuania supports torrenting and comes with optimized P2P servers that make downloading and sharing the torrent files easy.  With a VPN, you don’t have to fear getting caught and facing legal proceedings. VPN comes with advanced security boosting features like a kill switch, DNS leak, torrent IP leak protection, and a port forwarding feature that safeguards your identity during torrenting.

Maintain Your Security

The fundamental purpose of using a VPN is to maintain your security. If you go to any public place in Lithuania, like in a Coffee shop or cafe, you get a secure network connection. Free wi-fi networks are always vulnerable as hackers spying on them to target individuals. If you want to use the internet in such places, it’s recommended to use a VPN.

Bypassing Censorship

Lithuania is currently experiencing internet censorship and net neutrality that threaten their right to internet freedom and freedom of speech. Besides accessing the streaming services, the users are also blocked from using services like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp. It is unfair for the users as the government restricts them from using social networking sites that are a great source of relaxation.  With the right VPN, the Lithuanian people can bypass these censorships and lock their data. A VPN permits them to hide their identity and access any website with complete anonymity.

How to Use a VPN in Lithuania?

Setting up a VPN and then using it in Lithuania is a simple and easy process. Below are the five easy steps for using a VPN in Lithuania. Follow them and start using a VPN. The steps include:

  1. Select a VPN provider from the list mentioned above and subscribe to it.
  2. Create your account on the VPN’s official site.
  3. Download and install the VPN software on your device.
  4. Launch the VPN app and sign in to your VPN account.
  5. Choose a VPN server of your choice and tap to connect. You are now connected to the best VPN for Lithuania. Enjoy anonymous browsing.

Is It Recommended to Use a Free VPN in Lithuania?

The VPN industry is full of free VPN providers that appeal to be quite tempting to the users. But, the reality is that these VPNs are insecure to a great extent, so we don’t recommend using them. Free VPN providers are not a solution for maintaining long-term online security and privacy.  The free VPN providers collect the user data and sell it to advertising companies or other third parties in exchange for money. It is one main reason you see frequent unwanted ads while browsing the web with a free VPN.

The fundamental purpose of using a VPN is to protect your data and online privacy, and a free VPN doesn’t do it. It fails to encrypt the data and comes with no advanced security features essential to maintain digital privacy.

Besides this, these services have a limited bandwidth and server availability. You might experience slow speeds that are not enough for browsing, streaming, and torrenting. Thus, if you want to use a VPN in Lithuania, always look for the premium ones. Remember, nothing is free of cost in this world. You are paying them for your privacy and security, so invest in the best premium VPN providers.

Is Torrenting Legal in Lithuania?

Like in many parts of the world, torrenting is illegal in Lithuania too. You can’t download or share torrent files by any means in Lithuania. The Lithuanian government is also taking steps to curb users from torrenting. The authorities are blocking all those sites that provide access to copyrighted content, no matter its form.

The Lithuanian ISPs are monitoring those torrent sites and blocking them. However, we found no official number of people that faced any penalties for downloading the copyrighted content. The best way to prevent this situation is to VPN and download and share copyrighted movies, songs, or games without the fear of being caught.

  • Very fast short-distance speeds
  • Verified no-logs policy
  • Works with Netflix and other streaming platforms
  • P2P torrenting allowed on all servers
  • Advanced encryption standards

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Final Thoughts

Lithuania is under the effect of internet censorship and data retention laws. They are not allowed to access the free and open internet, which is against their right to freedom of expression. We recommend using the best VPN for Lithuania to bypass all such restrictions.