How to use Torrents for Educational Videos?

by VPN Guider

December 2, 2022

Torrents for educational videos have been one of the most useful assets for the internet when it comes to sharing files between people. Torrent has become synonymous with file sharing and downloads and is one of the most helpful platforms for those looking to download resources that aren’t easily available.

But it also has become synonymous with piracy and illegal uploads of applications and files that haven’t been permitted to sharing by the owner of the files and applications themselves. It must be admitted that piracy instigates such Torrents for Educational Videos sites and it is facilitated by them, but it also allows the users to be able to access something that previously would have been beyond their reach and locked behind a paywall.

Pirated content

Whatever Torrents for Educational Videos has to offer, be it facilitating pirated content and files and media, or a platform to share files seamlessly without the threat of not being able to find it and no relevant download links available. Torrent is valuable to the mass public, and it is needed by the masses.

It performs more functions than a platform to download pirated content. It not only allows the users to share files by uploading to a database, but it also assists in sharing media that would previously be inaccessible due to a lack of online presence. Lectures by professors, university classes, certificate courses, and much more allow students and even teachers to find resources and materials they previously wouldn’t even be aware of existence.

Sites to use Torrents for Educational Videos and resources

eLearning Learning

Torrents for Educational Videos


This resort of Torrents for Educational Videos is one of the few websites where one searches for torrent-related educational content on the web. They offer a range of educational content and have a huge library filled with courses and lectures and webinars and seminars and more. They offer users to choose the country they are from so that they can find lectures and resources in their native language. The design of the website is not the best, but in terms of what it offers, it certainly does a good job.

There are categories on offer, which highlight the different types of lectures and educational content available and accessible by the users. Categories like remote learning, training, virtual classroom, and others highlight the special courses that are on offer. With page links embedded on the site, Users can look for resources that interest them or investigate topics that could suit their niche and emphasize their interests. They have blogs available that talk about different thesis and topics in short briefs and allows users to explore more if they think it is beneficial for them.

Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents 


It may be one of the best Torrents for Educational Videos to browse for academic content and to be able to download them locally. There is a demand for downloading academic resources and not just streaming them online. Such content is specifically pursued by students and teachers and researchers and sometimes you can find material on sites such as these that wouldn’t normally be available on any mainstream platform.

The design of the site is bland and simple but it does hold its own when it comes to delivering what is asked of it. This Torrents for Educational Videos offers a couple of options for the visitors of the site namely browse, support, login, and upload and it showcases that there is more than one way of contributing to the site and not just by donations. The users can search via the search option if they are looking for something specific.

The list shows the different files on offer, along with the date they were added which helps to determine any updates that have been made, also the number of downloads that have taken place, and the size of the file as well. The users can sort as well based on options like name, downloads, size, files included, and others.


Torrends is a Torrents for Educational Videos that has masked itself as a normal torrent site but provides access to more than just the casual torrent files that are generally expected of them. They offer normal torrent access and links and magnets but they also have on offer something extremely unique which is very rare to see among torrent clients and torrent sites.

Torrends offers its users and visitors a list of sites that the users can visit along with a brief overview of the sites they have maintained in their list. They also offer the same services when it comes to e-learning websites as they curate and continue to curate and add more websites to their database and library. With links and overviews of websites such as GFX peers as well as the geeks among others, they aim to continue to keep on adding further links and useful websites.

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Free Video Lectures

Free Video Lectures


The Torrents for Educational Videos is a mixture of torrents and links. They offer YouTube playlists for the academic content that the user may be looking for but also offer torrent access for the same. The design of the site is basic and simple and nothing speaks out and sparks. They have a list of the academic content that is available on the website as well as the youtube playlist alongside it. 

The academic content that is offered is from some of the top universities and allows anyone and everyone with access to the links to be able to experience quality education and lectures very conveniently.

At the present moment, there aren’t any further indications of whether they will be expanding the list, but it should be expected as they continue to upload posts to the website. This site of Torrents for Educational Videos have certificate courses available on the site as well which can be accessed by navigation from the homepage.