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by Vpn Guider

September 30, 2022

If you are in Finland and want to access the regional-blocked sites or content, the easiest way is to use the best VPN for Finland. With a VPN, you can browse and stream without any restrictions. Or say that you’d access the free deep internet world. In this article, we’ll inform you about the best VPN for Finland. So, let’s jump into this article and get more out of it. Finland is a quiet and peaceful country with liberal laws.

The country doesn’t follow any harsh or strict internet censorship laws that allow users to access the free internet. Internet censorship is unheard of in Finland. The only issue is that the authorities monitored the streaming services in Finland. Also, torrenting is completely banned. Here a VPN comes into play. Before we show up the best VPN for Finland, let’s first discuss the internet censorship situation in Finland in more detail.

Finland and Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship


The laws in Finland are much unbiased when it comes to internet use. Despite a few boundaries, you can access everything in Finland. Torrenting is illegal in Finland. If you are caught while downloading copyrighted material, then be ready to face the severe consequences. You can receive warning letters from the ISPs, and if you don’t stop torrenting, you could end up in jail.

Your ISP monitors your online activities, and if they find out about torrenting so, they start throttling your connection. Besides this, because of the restrictions imposed by streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu, you can’t access these streaming sites in Finland.  Well! In 2019, two bills passed and increased the Finnish surveillance power. The network data and phone calls were susceptible to interference from authorities who break encryption and spy on user communication.

Finland’s Defense Force also makes it public to use the laws to gather human intelligence and network traffic information to combat potential threats. It is important to note that both the Finnish agencies and FDF can carry out international surveillance under these regulations. The laws are still not signed by the President. And if they get approved, there’s nothing to worry about because they won’t cause you any harm till you use a VPN to hide your online activities.

Why Use a VPN in Finland?

Use a VPN


Although Finnish citizens enjoy free internet with little internet censorship, it is still better to use a VPN for most online security and anonymity. The best available option to enhance online security and privacy is to use the best VPN for Finland. With a VPN, you can get a new yet temporary IP address that shows that you’re using the internet from a remote location. The total data traffic also gets encrypted and secured from ISPs, government surveillance agencies, and hackers.

Remember, hackers are present everywhere, and if you are using free internet, it is sure that they can target you. Because there are no restrictions imposed on the users, they can visit any site, even if it is malicious. The hackers take advantage of this thing and target the users. But, with a VPN, it is not possible. Another valid reason for using best VPN for Finland is there are strict torrenting laws. Suppose you want to download a copyrighted movie, song, or any other content so; what would you do? Users get fined for copyright violations. In a breakout in 2017, thousands of Finnish citizens underwent the investigation phase because of copyright accusations via torrents.

If you use a VPN for torrenting, it encrypts and secures your incoming data from the torrent client. You remain invisible to the ISPs and other authorities, which improves your digital privacy.  Moreover, you again need to use the best VPN for Finland to access geo-blocked services and websites from other regions. The regional limitations are common when you are in Finland, either for work or vacation purposes. You can’t access the content of your home country. If you want to stream content on US Netflix, DAZN, BBC iPlayer, or Hulu, you need to connect to a server in some other location.

What Features to Look For in a Quality VPN?

The following mentioned below are some of the vital considerations you should remember while choosing the best VPN for Finland:

  • Zero-Logging Policy: You should always use a VPN that follows a strict no-log policy. Such service providers don’t keep any of the users’ personally identifiable information, including your IP address, browsing history, geo-location, and more.
  • Servers in Finland: Make sure that you select a VPN that has Finnish servers in your homeland. It’s important because when you’re in Finland, it’s easy to get the Finnish IP address to access the geo-blocked content and websites.
  • Strong Encryption: One fundamental reason for using a VPN in Finland is to enhance your online security and privacy. Thus, the VPN you choose should offer a top-notch level of protection. It includes military-grade encryption, secure VPN protocol, a kill switch, and VPN leak protection.
  • Supports Torrenting: As torrenting is illegal in Finland, ensure that the VPN you use is among the best VPN for torrenting. It should have optimized P2P servers that make the torrenting process fast. Having a port forwarding feature and SOCKS5 proxy would be of added benefit.
  • Extensive Server Network: A VPN with a vast server network offers better speed and performance. You can connect to various geographical locations to access the only available content in a specific region.
  • Streaming Capability: As mentioned earlier, some streaming services, such as Netflix, use advanced VPN blocking technology that blocks the VPN and your connection. Ensure the one you choose is compatible with a variety of streaming channels and devices. Please note that all VPNs recommended in this article get around most of the streaming sites.

How to Set Up a VPN in Finland?

Set Up a VPN


It takes less than five minutes to set up a VPN in Finland if you know the correct steps. Below are the six easy steps to set up a VPN in Finland:

  1. Select one of the best VPNs for Finland from the list given in this article.
  2. Subscribe to a reasonable premium plan.
  3. Download and install the VPN software on your device by following the steps that appear on your screen.
  4. Choose the VPN features you need. Ensure you select OpenVPN encryption protocol, leak protection, NAT firewall, kill switch, and obfuscation measures.
  5. Pick a country of your choice and click on connect.
  6. As soon as you tap on connect, your work is done. Your IP address and data traffic get concealed. You start appearing in the location of your server and can now surf the web as you wish.

Can You Watch the Geo-Blocked Content in Finland With a Free VPN?

You can use free VPNs in Finland to watch the blocked content, but it isn’t recommended to go for this option. The majority of the free VPN fails to bypass the geo-block restrictions and firewalls imposed by the streaming platforms. It is because the free service providers lack several advanced features, including the unblocking feature. Popular streaming sites like Netflix use robust anti-VPN technology that blocks most VPNs, and the free ones are among them. If you use a free VPN for streaming, be ready for an interrupted streaming experience.

The free VPNs have heavy server load issues. They can’t provide fast and consistent speeds. Throughout the streaming experience, you’d face buffering or connection lags. Besides this, the free VPN providers don’t provide enough privacy and security as they can’t encrypt your online data traffic. It means that if you use a free VPN, then your ISP and government surveillance agencies can find that you are watching blocked content.

These service providers are also famous for storing user data and later selling them to third-party advertisers. They record your browsing history, IP address, location, connection timestamp, and more. As a whole, if you want to experience complete anonymity and increased online privacy in Finland, use the best premium VPN for Finland.

Are VPNs Legal in Finland?

The use of VPNs is legal in Finland. The legality of a VPN depends on its usage. If you are uploading or downloading copyrighted material from any illegal source and you know about it, then be ready to face the consequences. Countries like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Russia have banned the use of VPNs. But, the visitors have never gotten into trouble using a VPN.

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Final Thoughts

If you live or work in Finland, then be happy because you’re free from any internet censorship that citizens of other countries experience. The government or surveillance agencies in Finland don’t impose any strict censorship. Still, it is a good idea to invest in the best VPN for Finland. It is always a great initiative to enhance your online presence, and using a VPN for this is the best available solution in today’s era. So, use a VPN from the above list in Finland and safeguard yourself from cyber crimes, threats, and geo-restrictions.