• Creates multiple Links
  • Multiple downloads
  • Eliminates long URLS
  • Stores information
  • Deceptive ads
Overall Score 4.2
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required yes
Score 4.2


We, as a civilization, have come a long way in terms of the forms of content we consume for entertainment. In the middle era of the millennia, we used to watch the crafts and performances of the battles of the knights and feats of archery. Then came the books and the extensive libraries built by the empires that stood for centuries, passed down, generation by generation. In the early 20th century, we experienced the first motion pictures.

And ever since then, it has been nearly a century, maybe more, we have stuck to refining the movies and created TV shows to entertain us as a species. From feats of bravery and marksmanship, we have boiled down to sitting on our couches and binging for hours to enjoy content and be entertained.

In all fairness, had our ancestors had access to the level of content we do today, maybe they would have become like us as well. It’s a good thing they didn’t because we can pioneer this as our form of entertainment to pass it down to the next generation as our heirloom, for them to change, tweak, and make something new.

Score 4.2

Thoughts on the design and content

Some sites are beautifully designed when you factor in the fact that, usually, there is just one or a couple of individuals who fully design the site and implement the design site. So, I may be harsh when I say the design and the appeal of the site are not that impactful, but in no way should my criticism be taken as a critique of their ability, as they are doing their best and putting their best out with whatever resources they have at their disposal.

The type of content on offer can vary when you wander through the hundred thousand and million different free sites that offer free streaming services of the movies and shows and matches, not just free streams but also links to the live matches of the top games live at that moment, but, the common theme among them is, they always cater to more than one group of people, which helps them attract newer viewers and retain their original viewers by providing a standard of service which may not be easily accessible on every site they may visit.

Score 4.2

Opinion over the experience and recommendation

From my experience of browsing, surfing, and reviewing various sites, I have understood a couple of simple things. Not every site fits everyone; no single site will keep a user hooked and loyal. If they only offer a single type of content, no access to multiple links and servers will degrade the level of quality and, in turn, will reduce the viewer base of the site. If you feel the site sticks with you and you like the view, design, and ambience of the site and the quality of service it provides, that should be enough to keep them bookmarked on your browser for a reasonable amount of time.