• Easy to find and download
  • Easy to use
  • Huge library of content
  • Dull interface
  • Deceptive ads
Overall Score 3.2
Ads Yes
Popup Ads yes
Mobile friendly yes
Streaming Quality HD
Page Speed Good
Sign-Up Required no
Score 3.2


There are plenty of internet browsers which give access to the world of the internet, where the unlimited type of content can be consumed. Still, it’s not necessary that while downloading any database, that specific browser could provide brisk downloading speed and also access to all kinds of web content available on the internet.

For it, the platforms like IPtorrents have been working to provide a brisk downloading experience and smooth browsing to the user visiting it.

Score 3.2

What are IPtorrents?

IPtorrent App is a kind of browser built especially for downloading an extensive database in a quick time, along with not a single lag or bug in the process. This internet pathway is unfortunately not available on any app store, and this can only be downloaded from the official website of this platform.

Score 3.2

How to access IPtorrents?

IPtorrent alternative can be easily accessed with just a few clicks of Google. However, it is still a highly vulnerable app when providing legal cover to a particular application. It could be restricted under certain circumstances in some internet-monitored regions worldwide. So then, a simple connection to a virtual private network can help provide smooth and safe access to this application.

Score 3.2

Best Features of IPtorrents

There are plenty of features which IPtorrents review has, but there are two or three prime specifications which run this place and decide all its aspects or elements regarding the build-up of this platform. Below is a detailed structure of those specifications that can be considered significant contributors.

Score 3.2

Light speed Downloading

The downloading speed of IPtorrents reddit is highly rapid, which is the only reason most of the users preferred it over the other browsers, which provide similar browsing facilities with the only exception of downloading speed. This is also a primary specification of this platform which the developers of it used to hold as a critical element of business.

Score 3.2

Storehouse Of Large Content

IPtorrents account has the database availability from almost all categories ordinary folks use to browse on the Internet and also in which they do searches all the time. A website like this, where many databases are available, along with the rapid downloading speed, has become a natural place for many users to get hooked.

Score 3.2

Suggestions and Conclusion

IPtorrents browser is a decent platform when it comes to covering all the aspects of this business. However, the unalluring gestures of this website still bring suspiciousness to the mind of the user who is going to visit it for the first time. So the developers have to seriously work on it, except that the browsing speed it provides is an incredible element for this software.