Top 3 Best Torrent Sites for Music

by VPN Guider

December 14, 2022

Music is everyone’s cup of tea to enjoy – but sometimes subscribing to your favorite artist/band could be a gruesome work, as platforms like Apple Music and Spotify pick exclusive albums under the latest production of famous musicians. So, Torrent sites for Music become a necessary resort. 

The individuality of genre and taste in music is also something that torments people as their particular choices may not match with the populist, making it hard for them to find their latest release and old classic EPs within the mainstream music-playing apps and platforms.

Hence, the solution is yet again the gateway of Torrent Sites for Music – guiding you through to download links for albums, singles, LPs, and EPs where one can save their required and loved playlist for free and safely. 

Best Torrent sites for Music


Torrent Sites for Music

This Torrent Sites for Music was created way back and has a great history of reputation and safety; previously known as Torrentz music site has been renovated into the current version of Torrentz2 for your convenient Google search –

The latest website of this Torrent Sites for Music has improved as it provides an option of advanced filtering, which gives it an edge over its most prominent competitors by bifurcating a section solely for music download. Further easing the surfing experience of the audience, Torrentz2 has opened an upload and download listing where one may look into the file size before and after accessing it.

Torrentz2 is safe to use as it only offers a section with verified torrents to download music, which certain ISPs may block, hence keeping the option of using a VPN open for accessing downloading speed of 2.5 MBPS without facing any hurdle.



True to its name and quality, Torlock is guaranteed your simple site for verified music torrent downloads, providing you with the option of a trusted site on top of the audience charts. Although this self-proclaim was advertised by the Torlock developers and bragged by them, one may try testing it before accusing them of a false display of facts.

Suppose you’re a clumsy user of Torrent Sites for Music who needs proper labeling and guidance. In that case, Torlock is the perfect place to download music as it provides its users with a designated section with assorted music torrent files with their sizes mentioned.

With the vast content and categories, Torlock also provides downloading speed of an average of up to 4.6 MBPS accessible across all nations as guaranteed of its legitimacy; a VPN connection is not always necessary. With all these advantages, the only downgrade of Torlock is its ad policy which is open for all advertisement broadcasters making it a site unsuitable for children.

  • No logs and easy-to-use
  • Unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t leak DNS
  • Packages for up to 7 devices

Available on :

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Dirty Torrents


A site with a clean user interface, Dirty Torrents provides an incognito website design for more than the standard search beyond one’s needs. It stands out decently among Torrent Sites for Music.

Torrent networks receive a poor name because of the illicit stuff they include, but they also contain valuable content such as free e-books, manuals, and other hard-to-find materials. If you don’t want to go through the motions, Dirty Torrents is a name among the popular Torrent Sites for Music.

Providing an average downloading speed of 4.6 MBPS, Dirty Torrents is blocked in certain ISPs and countries looking at their different avenues of expertise, making using VPNs an absolute necessity. They also have mirror sites available such as –