Top 4 best free VPN for PC

by VPN Guider

December 20, 2022

A free VPN service might be beneficial. They provide the fundamentals of a virtual private network for free. Some free VPNs will even include extra functions usually only available in paid levels. There are several solutions available when seeking a free VPN for PC.

As long as you’re ready to put up with the limitations that come with free VPN services, this list will give you the finest free VPN solutions available. Each will safeguard your internet traffic while providing reasonable speeds, extra security features, and a variety of server locations.

Top four VPN for PC


VPN for PC

ProtonVPN is the greatest free VPN service available. We’ve tried no other free VPN service that operates without data constraints while simultaneously giving a high degree of protection. The free VPN package from ProtonVPN includes unlimited bandwidth and essential Windows software.

In addition to the VPN, Proton provides a free security and privacy package that includes its anonymous email service, calendar, and cloud storage. ProtonVPN has a variety of valuable and dependable functions.  OpenVPN protocols, an ad-blocker, a no-logs policy, and Perfect Forward Secrecy are all included in the free VPN (PFS). The above attributes make ProtonVPN one of the best VPN for PC right now in the market.

Hotspot Shield


Hotspot Shield is one of the very popular free VPN for PC (Windows). Hotspot’s native Windows program (created particularly for PC users) offers low data consumption needs and does not require registration.

Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra technology enables free users to retain reasonable PC speeds. In other words, if you’re seeking a quick and free VPN, Hotspot Shield could be the one for you. Fast and stable connections are a unique but pleasant quality with a free VPN. What isn’t so uncommon is the low amount of bandwidth provided by this free VPN.


1. Which is the best free VPN for PC?
All the VPNs mentioned in this article are perfect for your PC, but the best of them all is ProtonVPN.
2. Is it possible to unblock Netflix with a free VPN?
Unblocking streaming services is not a guarantee when selecting a free VPN. It varies. Unblocking possibilities are occasionally available with free VPNs, but they are rare and frequently involve switching between many servers to locate one that works.
3. Is it legal to use a VPN?
It is quite legal to use a VPN in most countries right now.



TunnelBear’s quick installation and appealing user interface make it one of the top rated free VPNs for beginners. TunnelBear’s free VPN membership gives you access to 40 different server locations. Though discovering a reliable server may take some time, customers who want to stream Netflix from several countries will have various options. These countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, and Canada.

TunnelBear makes it to our list of top VPN for PC because of its qualities mentioned above. The disadvantage of TunnelBear’s free tier is that it only provides 500MB of monthly bandwidth. You can increase this to 1GB  but it’s still insufficient for binge-watching your favourite shows.



Windscribe has Windows software that employs OpenVPN and 256-bit encryption. It also has a no-logs policy to protect your online privacy. This free VPN service provides quick and easy internet access to their servers in 10 countries. These countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Romania, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

The regular subscription to this free VPN includes 2GB of monthly bandwidth. By providing Windscribe with an email address, customers will receive 10GB each month. Windscribe promises that your email address will never be sold or transferred to other parties. Even if you want complete privacy, you should avoid providing your email address.

  • No logs and easy-to-use
  • Unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t leak DNS
  • Packages for up to 7 devices

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With all the differences between free VPN for PC, users need to balance the benefits and drawbacks of each service. Most free VPNs have restrictions on some functions available in paid versions. Even the top free VPNs on this list fall under this category. Try a few to see whether one has the characteristics you’re searching for.

There are several free alternatives to VPN for PC. When choosing the best VPN service, users must be aware of the limitations imposed by the accessible version. All the free VPNs on our list are the finest free options, provided the restrictions aren’t too onerous for you. However, in order to make use of all the available services, we still advise using a premium paid VPN service.