What are the best free child-tracking apps for iPhones?

by VPN Guider

December 24, 2022

Nowadays, any parent’s primary responsibility is to monitor their child’s internet activity, at least while they are not with you. In any case, using one of the best free child tracking app for iPhone is the ideal approach to monitor and regulate your child’s internet activity.

Most parents provide their children with phones so they can communicate with them at school or out with friends. Giving kids a phone isn’t the end of their responsibility, but it is the start of a new one. It’s a resounding yes to continue monitoring your children’s everyday internet activities on their phones.

Monitoring someone else’s phone on an iPhone (iOS) is more complicated. Because the iPhone is recognized for its security, only some developers can create a profitable and stable tracking solution for iOS. Having a best free child tracking app for iPhone might be helpful.

Best free child tracking app for iPhone

KidsGuard Pro

child tracking app for iphone

A well-known monitoring service called KidsGuard Pro is available for several popular operating systems, including Android. It is intended for something other than iOS. Suppose you’ve ever searched for some of the top child tracking apps for iPhone on Google. You may be familiar with KidsGuard Pro. The program keeps track of all activities remotely without letting the victim know, from tracking IM messages to tracking their past locations.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS provides a comprehensive solution for all your monitoring requirements, including social media monitoring, real-time location tracking, call records tracking, browser history viewing, and many more beneficial functions. Not only are the features of KidsGuard Pro for iOS recommended, but it also provides security that no other service can match.



Glympse is among the best free child tracking app for iPhone. It’s a straightforward location-sharing tool that allows you to share your current location with friends, parents, or anyone else you wish. It lacks any traits we would associate with surveillance programs or spyware. The operation of this software is effortless. Glympse users may share their position in real-time with any other Glympse user through the internet.

This app helps parents keep track of their child’s ventures on the internet. Users can send the request to any Glympse user so they can follow your smartphone in real-time and know where you are and your estimated arrival time. Other Glympse users can only view and track your whereabouts if you permit them.

Glympse operates based on real-time location tracking. As a result, you may follow the positions of other Glympse users in real-time. Furthermore, you will be notified in real-time if another Glympse user attempts to access your location.


1. Are the best free child tracking app for iPhone Undetectable?
There are two types of tracking apps. The first operates covertly or anonymously. The second is often designed for parents who remain visible to the target. However, with secret trackers, the tracking service isn't apparent for casual users. iPhone trackers can only be detected if the target installs cutting-edge anti-spyware or anti-virus software.
2. How does the best free child tracking app for iPhone work?
Almost every tracking program uses GPS to pinpoint the exact position of the target's smartphone. Furthermore, tracking applications typically employ Google Maps to visually display the target's phone's actual work and the internet to transfer all data to the monitoring dashboard.
3. Is it possible to track the apps without using your hands?
Yes, All the best free child tracking app for iPhone operate and sync through the internet. As a result, the user may remotely monitor the target's phone without touching it.

Find my Friends


Find-my-FriendsFind my Friends is one of the best free child tracking app for iPhone users. Find My Friends is similar to the other services in this review. The service shares and syncs your current location with friends and family. So they can see where you are and verify your arrival time in real-time. Find My Friends utilizes your device’s GPS to pinpoint your precise location and then connects to the internet to share and sync your location with the server.

Find My Friends provides real-time SOS notifications. As a result, you may send an SOS or emergency alert to your fellow FMF user in seconds, and they will prioritize your alarm.

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly programs. First and foremost, this software is unlike other apps offering simple location-sharing functionality. The primary use of this software is to remotely exchange and record precise information with other particular users through the internet.

Unlike other location-sharing services, it provides extensive information about your position, such as average speed, real-time speed, journey A and B, altitude, previous visits, and so on.



The final best free child tracking app for iPhone on this list is Trackview. TrackView is built on a completely different idea. The app is neither spyware nor a location-tracking service. Instead, you may use this software to turn your smartphone into a CCTV camera to keep a watch on your children or personal possessions when you’re not at home. With this software, you can do away with costly CCTV cameras and their monthly security fees. It operates based on IP addresses.

The app includes all of the functionality found in premium dedicated IP cameras. Link both the monitoring and recording devices to the same Wi-Fi network. So that both devices have the same IP address, and you may remotely see real-time recordings from any device.

This best free child tracking app for iPhone has a variety of functions, including motion detection, night vision, walkie-talkie, cloud recording, and much more. Overall, the app isn’t a location monitoring service but a valuable tool for keeping an eye on your children while you’re away.

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You now have our picks for the best free child tracking app for iPhone. Although some are not free, many provide freebies and paid services. If you’re unsure how these applications function on your iPhone, we recommend reading our blog post on how to set up parental controls on your iPhone. Check out our list of free parental control apps for iPhones to learn more about family tracking apps.