Steps to secure your iPhone from hackers

by VPN Guider

December 16, 2022

Although the Apple iPhone has a great security system that protects the phone in most ways, it can still be hacked. Users must be cautious and you must ensure that you secure your iPhone.

Can my iPhone be hacked despite being one of the safest devices available? Hackers have created a reliable malware program that can compromise any iPhone and have an adverse effect on thousands of other users.

How to secure your iPhone?

In a recent report, Google researchers detailed the security issues with Apple that thousands of iPhone users are affected by. Apple is considered secure because it prevents hackers from accessing personal data and information. However, these gadgets are still open to attack, as evidenced by the ease with which my iPhone was taken hostage by malicious software.

Guide to secure your iPhone better

Web pages

secure your iphone

Another location where hackers may access and quickly hijack my iPhone is websites. It is advisable to visit well-known websites. Additionally, you should only click on impromptu pop-up windows. Pop-up ads are nasty and can serve as a launchpad for malware assaults. Find the safe exit if a pop-up hijacks your screen and forces you out the window. This is the first notable step to secure your iPhone

Charging ports


Public charging ports are very dangerous, and people should be careful while using them or prevent them by carrying portable chargers. The availability of cables and public charging stations from train stations to domestic airports is advantageous for users. To secure your iPhone, you must take your portable charger. Keeping the device secured when plugged in is crucial if one needs to utilize a public connection.

Do not jailbreak


The best advice secures your iPhone from hackers accessing your phone is never to jailbreak it. The ability to access apps and software outside of the Apple ecosystem is provided by jailbreaking an iPhone, but doing so leaves your device vulnerable to malware and viruses. You are additionally jailbreaking your iPhone voids your warranty, making it impossible for you to contact Apple for support if something goes wrong with your gadget.

Timely updating of IOS

Timely updating of IOS

Proper and timely updating of the system can prevent your phone from being hacked. The best way to ensure that your iOS and iPad devices are as secure from hackers as possible is to update them to the most recent software. Apple updates strengthen security measures and address any previously missed security holes that could give hackers access.

Regular changing of the apple ID password

It’s the one password that controls all others. Hackers will access your iCloud, your iCloud keychain, and anything else if your Apple ID is hacked. Regular password changes for your Apple ID give an extra layer of protection to secure your iphone. This ensures that it won’t be valid for very long, even if a hacker manages to get their hands on your password.

It would be best if you changed your Apple ID password every six months to secure your iPhone better. You can modify your Apple ID password on your smartphone if two-factor authentication is enabled.

Awareness regarding public WIFI


Restaurant or coffee shop WIFIs can be used to hack into your iPhone. Because hackers constantly target unsecured networks, they use secure wireless internet connections. Avoid connecting to a public Wi-Fi network if you are on a transactional website like your bank’s website.

Nowadays, there is a chance that people will download movies and videos using an open network. Since public networks are less secure, using public Wi-Fi is one of the simplest ways to get hacked. You are strongly advised to use a closed Wi-Fi network, such as the one you may have set up at home, for financial transactions, account logins, and other private activities.

Secure your iPhone with Two-factor authentication


Two-factor authentication is necessary to secure your iPhone from being hacked and ensure it is safe and maintains your privacy. Two-factor authentication must be used for all essential logins. Therefore make sure you use it. This verification often includes all social media, atm, and email correspondence information.

Even if they have the security, attackers will never be able to break into my iPhone. A hacker’s login attempt will be detected, and the password may be changed to stop subsequent access attempts.

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The points mentioned above must be followed in order to secure your iPhone from hackers and keep your privacy intact. This article has demonstrated how a malicious program can quickly and easily compromise an iPhone and other similar devices.

We gained a lot of knowledge on how to stop them from doing so. Due to a hacker’s ability to completely wipe out a device’s memory, sensitive data may be lost. An attacker can use your iPhone to track everything you do without even alerting the user.