Top 3 best free VPN for Firestick

by VPN Guider

December 22, 2022

The Firestick is an efficient gadget that connects to your TV’s HDMI connection and provides dozens of apps for streaming various different TV shows, movies, music, and other content. And, using a VPN for Firestick will allow you to fully utilize your Firestick and remove any geo-restrictions if there may.Some well-known HD and standard-definition streaming applications are Netflix, HBO Go, Prime, Disney+, and others. Geo-blocks prevent you from accessing many streaming channels and applications if you live outside of the US. 

Many excellent and reliable VPNs for your firestick device are available online. As unpleasant as this issue may sound, the top VPN for Firestick in the market will allow you to fully utilize your Firestick and remove any geo-restrictions that are in the way. However, we have mentioned the top three VPNs available in this article.

Best VPN for Firestick


VPN for Firestick

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Firestick because of its lightning-fast speed, potent unblocking skills, and exceptional compatibility with the streaming gadget. Although ExpressVPN isn’t technically a free VPN service, it includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN is excellent in unblocking several geo-restricted services, with ExpressVPN’s 3000 servers distributed throughout 94 countries. It provides a simple FireStick app installation method. To view your choice streaming service, you only need to install the ExpressVPN software on FireStick from the official Amazon app store and connect it to your desired server.



Hide.Me is a free VPN for Firestick with helpful software specifically designed for the Fire TV/FireStick. For its free users, it provides five server locations in total which are the US (East and West), Germany, Canada, and the Netherlands. It is installing and using the Hide.Me Firestick app couldn’t be more straightforward. It is not required to log in to use it after downloading it from the Amazon App Store directly to your Fire TV.

The service provider gives free customers 10GB of bandwidth to watch for around 20–25 hours of Standard Definition (SD) video material. It was one of the trustworthy free VPN for Firestick since it provided fast connections on most of its free servers for HD viewing.


1. Can a free VPN keep the Amazon Firestick safe and secure?
Yes, a free VPN can entirely safeguard your Amazon Firestick device. However, specific free VPNs are hazardous since they collect data and do not keep your online activity secret. You can select one of the VPNs listed above because they all use military-grade encryption technologies.
2. Are free VPNs necessary for a jailbroken Amazon Firestick?
Yes, a free VPN is essential for a jailbroken Firestick. It is recommended to use ExpressVPN as the best free alternative because it has enough security protections and many servers to make the most of your jailbroken Firestick.
3. Why is a VPN required?
One of the most important reasons to use a VPN is to protect your online behaviour. Your confidential data, such as bank account details and credit card numbers, might fall into the wrong hands if left unsecured. A decent VPN encrypts your data, so your private information is safe even when connected to a public wi-fi network.


A well-known free VPN for Firestick that provides unlimited bandwidth is ProtonVPN. Its free plan offers three servers in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands.

The disadvantage of ProtonVPN is that, except for Netflix and YouTube, it cannot unblock the bulk of streaming services in its free edition. We attempted to unblock Netflix using ProtonVPN, however, and were able to access Netflix in the US and the Netherlands easily.

The best VPN for FireStick is provided by ProtonVPN, which has specialized software that is much too simple to use. We tested the download and upload speeds of ProtonVPN, and the average download speed was 65.12 Mbps. If you select your favourite location and click “Connect,” you will instantly connect to the best server.

Are free VPN for Firestick safe to use?

No, most free Firestick VPNs have substantial limits and can be dangerous. If you wish to safeguard your Firestick device, try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days. Provides high-security procedures for effortlessly unblocking several streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others from anywhere.

Users need to be careful while using free VPNs for their Firestick. Although most of the time, the VPNs mentioned in this article are safe and reliable.

  • Streams Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & more
  • Very fast speeds across its server network
  • Zero-Logs and no IP or DNS leaks
  • Supports torrenting on most servers
  • Cheaper than other top VPNs

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A free VPN for Firestick will always have limits and constraints, such as limited speeds, data quotas, and performance concerns. If you want total independence, the best alternative is to use a premium VPN, such as ExpressVPN, which is compatible with a wide range of devices. Furthermore, it includes a lightweight program for Firestick that you can install in seconds and stream entertainment easily. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a VPN and are searching for a less expensive alternative, we recommend you check out our site Black Friday VPN offers, where we have a selection of VPNs providing significant discounts with this 2022.

ExpressVPN also has a month-long refund policy, allowing you to access any banned streaming service on your FireStick.