Top 4 best YouTube ad blocker for Android

by VPN Guider

December 26, 2022

YouTube is a fantastic video-streaming platform where you can get many high-quality films on virtually any subject. But its flaw is advertising. Although you may purchase a premium subscription to remove the adverts, doing so would impair your free account experience. Alternatively, you can use one of the YouTube Ad blocker Apps. Naturally, only some people want to spend a lot of money on a premium YouTube subscription.

To block YouTube ads, watch your material through a browser rather than the YouTube app. You cannot stop adverts within the YouTube app, so that’s a failure. You can block display advertising and overlay ads, but not those embedded within a movie, whether they are skippable. Thankfully, most video uploaders recognize how obnoxious unskippable ads are and limit them to a minimum. The best YouTube ad blocker can assist with display and overlay advertising but can’t help with adverts embedded in the video itself.

Why are Adblockers important?

Ad blocker applications are widely used software solutions because they may help us in the following ways:

  • The auto-playing characteristics of these commercials might save data use.
  • They help a better user experience by speeding up page loading and presenting a webpage’s complete contents.
  • They shield us from potentially risky advertising.
  • They also inhibit the battery on the smartphone from draining.

What are the top Adblockers for Youtube?

The top four best YouTube ad blockers are as follows. 

Total Adblock

youtube ad blocker


TotalAdblock is a complete YouTube adblocker Chrome. It only takes a few clicks to eliminate advertising, pop-ups, and trackers from your Chrome browser. This ad-blocker also includes an award-winning antivirus for total security. You may choose which advertisements to ban. It is also accessible for many major browsers.

TotalAdblock gives you complete control over your internet surfing experience by blocking annoying advertisements and removing trackers. There is no requirement to download it, and it is very convenient.

Adblock Plus



Adblock Plus is a YouTube ad blocker that works with all major browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge, Yandex, Opera, and others. You may install it as an extension of your browser. It is straightforward to set up and works well.

Adblock Plus is easily one of the finest Chrome YouTube ad blockers. Not only does it prevent adverts on YouTube, it can also filter malware to keep your browsing safe and secure. You may tweak the filter and safelist sites.

AdBlocker Ultimate


AdBlocker Ultimate is one of the top YouTube ad blockers for Android. It can prevent all pop-ups, display advertisements, video commercials, etc. It may also be used on Windows and Android devices or as a browser extension.

You may create your safelist of trusted websites. It also protects you from fraudulent websites and viruses while protecting your data from internet trackers. AdBlocker Ultimate is the best YouTube ad blocker for Opera, Chrome, and other significant browsers since it can block all types of advertising and deactivate tracking.


1. Why are there ads on YouTube?
If you have monetized your videos, YouTube will place advertisements on them. However, it can happen even if you have not monetized your films. It could be because you need to hold the appropriate rights to the videos, and the rights owner may have opted to place adverts on your videos.
2. Are adblockers safe?
Yes, the adblockers mentioned in this article are very safe and reliable and can be used to block YouTube ads.
3. How do adblockers work on YouTube?
Adblockers are browser extensions or software designed to block ads from appearing on web pages. They work by detecting the ad elements on a web page and preventing them from loading. For YouTube, adblockers typically target the pre-roll video ads that play before a video and the banner ads that appear on the page.
4. Are adblockers legal to use on YouTube?
Yes, adblockers are legal to use on YouTube. YouTube's terms of service do not prohibit adblockers, although they reserve the right to limit or terminate access to the service for users who violate their policies. However, some content creators may frown upon ad blockers because they rely on ad revenue to support their channels.
5. Do adblockers work on mobile devices?
Adblockers can work on mobile devices but may require a different approach. On Android devices, you can install adblocker apps like AdGuard or Blokada that block ads across all apps, including YouTube. On iOS devices, you can use a browser with a built-in adblocker like Firefox or a content blocker app like AdGuard.
6. Can adblockers cause issues with YouTube videos?
Adblockers sometimes cause issues with YouTube videos, particularly if they are not configured properly or conflict with other browser extensions. For example, some adblockers may block certain video elements or prevent videos from playing altogether. If you're experiencing issues with YouTube videos, try disabling your adblocker or checking its settings.
7. How can I support content creators while using an adblocker?
If you choose to use an adblocker on YouTube, you can still support content creators in other ways. Some creators have Patreon pages where you can contribute to their channels directly. You can also like and share their videos, leave positive comments, and engage with their communities. Additionally, consider whitelisting your favourite channels on your adblocker to allow their ads to play.

YouTube Premium: 

While not technically an adblocker, YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that lets you watch videos without ads. It also has additional features like offline playback and access to YouTube Music.

What are the free Adblockers for Youtube?

  • AdBlock: AdBlock is a popular adblocker with many web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is a free extension that blocks ads on YouTube and other websites.
  • uBlock Origin: uBlock Origin is a free, open-source adblocker that works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. It blocks ads on YouTube and other types of annoying content like pop-ups and trackers.
  • AdGuard: AdGuard is another popular ad blocker that works with various web browsers. It is available as a free browser extension and offers more advanced features like blocking ads on mobile devices and protecting your privacy online.

 Is it necessary to use VPN for Adblockers? 

 Most adblockers for YouTube work independently of VPNs and should work fine even if you’re using a VPN. However, if you’re having trouble with an adblocker while using a VPN, here are a few things you can try:

  • Disable your VPN temporarily: Sometimes, the VPN might interfere with the adblocker’s ability to block ads. You can disable your VPN temporarily while using the adblocker.
  • Use a different adblocker: If one adblocker isn’t working with your VPN, you can try using a different one. Some popular options that work well with VPNs include AdBlock, uBlock Origin, and AdGuard.
  • Check your VPN settings: Some VPNs have settings that can affect how they interact with web browsers and extensions. Check your VPN’s settings to ensure it isn’t blocking your ad blocker.
  • Try a different VPN: If all else fails, you can use another VPN that doesn’t interfere with your adblocker. Choose a reputable VPN that doesn’t log your data and has a good track record for privacy.
  • Strong no logs policy
  • Fast same-country speeds
  • Works with BBC iPlayer
  • Wide range of features
  • Ad and malware blockers

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The abovementioned apps are at the top of the list of the best ad blocker apps for Android. This post’s program collection helps you choose a suitable program to prevent intrusive advertisements.

Most apps are browser extensions, although some can be discovered in host files, external programs, and DNS filtering techniques. You may guarantee that your browsing is safe and pleasurable by using ad blocker software.

Using the top YouTube adblocker will provide you with a smooth viewing experience of your favourite videos and keep your personal information protected. A decent ad blocker also prevents viruses and tracking. Adblock Plus, AdGuard AdBlocker, AdLock, etc., are some of the adblocking programs you should test.