Top 4 Best Torrent Downloaders For iPhone

by VPN Guider

December 2, 2022

iPhone and Mac users used to save the bulk of data on their devices which automatically generated the need for at least one Torrent application to be installed. The mobile versions of Torrent Downloader applications are highly equipped with features for alluring a big chunk of users. But before picking up any Torrent downloader it is necessary to do a deep analysis of the best torrent tools, which is given below in a precise manner. 

Best Torrent Downloaders for iPhone

1. UTorrent Downloader

Torrent Downloader


uTorrent is the most downloaded torrent downloader on Play Store and Apple app store which reflects its sublime service-providing to the clients. Its lightning download speed is the biggest USP of this platform that allures most of the users. For example, if a device has a stable internet connection then a big data file of 10 GB can get downloaded within 30 minutes. So if speed is the prime requirement then this is the best torrent downloader platform to opt out for a versatile iPhone device. 

2. Flud-Torrent



Flud-torrent is renowned as the best file uploader and downloader for entertainment avenues like movies, web series and large audio books. Users install it majorly for these purposes neither for any official file transferring. It supports some magnet links on top of it, and a few lavish features like NAT-PMP, DHT, and UPnP. Also, not all torrent software provides access to all domains of data sharing but Flud-Torrent allows it to its users. 

3. MediaGet Torrent

MediaGet Torrent

MediaGet is only downloaded by iPhone users to access and download amusing content from third-party applications. It is one of the rare software that can even access third-party websites which are mostly prohibited in a large section of the world. But unlike the above two free torrent platforms, it charges a certain premium value from its users.  The quality of the application is slightly higher in terms of torrenting but its premium offers are usually avoided by many of its visitors. Still, its subscription amount is not so hefty that demands deep pockets from the user, so folks can also think about this option. 

4. Vuze Torrent App

Vuze Torrent

The restaurant app has the lightest and smallest file size as compared to the above-mentioned three platforms. Its tempo speed for downloading is the biggest spotlight which is experienced by the users of this application. But the developers of this platform seem to have ignored the design and interface of both its mobile and desktop versions. After looking into the application for the first time, slight confusion erupts in the user’s mind which forces them to get off it. Except for this thing, Vuze Torrent ticks all the boxes which are necessary to be a user-friendly Torrent app.

  • Competitive prices
  • Great speeds and reliability
  • Robust leak protection settings
  • P2P torrents allowed
  • Dedicated IP addresses

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From all the above-elaborated Torrent downloader applications, uTorrent should be considered an ideal option for a premium device like an iPhone. Its blistering downloading speed can help users to snatch any kind of data files from the galore of the internet. Except for it, others are also up to the mark for any Torrenting activity that has to be performed on Android smartphones and iPhones.