Five Best VPN For Cyprus

by Vpn Guider

September 27, 2022

When you are in Cyprus, you are expected to be blocked from accessing certain websites and IP addresses of any other country. Geoblocking is common in nearly all European countries. It makes it harder for the users to watch their favourite content or visit a website they want, even for legal means. However, you can quickly get around geo-blocks by using a VPN. If you’re in Cyprus and struggling to bypass the regionally blocked content or enhance your online privacy, consider using the best VPN for Cyprus.

This article informs users about the best VPN for Cyprus when travelling or using it. A VPN is handy, too, for increasing your online privacy. It forms an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server, changes your location, and hides your IP address. In this way, you can protect yourself from snooping eyes that keep a watchful eye on your online activities. Also, you can protect yourself from hackers and bypass censorship.

Temporary IP Address

When you connect with a VPN, the VPN provider allocates you a temporary yet new IP address. With the temporary IP address, you can anonymously surf the web and unblock Cyprus’s restricted or locked content.  But here, the crucial question is, what other reasons compel the users in Cyprus to shift towards using a VPN? What are the criteria for the best VPN for Cyprus? Read the remaining part of the article, and you’ll get all your answers. So, now let’s jump deep into this article.

Why Should One Use a VPN in Cyprus?

Use a VPN


One prime reason to use a VPN in Cyprus is to access regionally restricted websites and content. Most streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix confirm your location by checking your IP address and allowing you to access the service. A reliable VPN provider circumvents the censorship filters, and you can access the streaming sites without much fuss.

Suppose you’re in Cyprus for some business meeting and want to access your online bank account. Perhaps what if your bank may be flagged for some security reasons? Then what would you do? Here a VPN comes into play. It substitutes your IP address with the VPN provider’s one and helps you access your bank account in a secure manner. The Freedom in the World report for 2020 reveals that Cyprus enjoys more internet freedom than any other European country.

There isn’t any such strict censorship or restrictions on the users’ experiences while surfing the internet. However, the main concern is to keep your data secure and outside the spying; hence you need to use a VPN. The best VPN for Cyprus uses high encryption patterns, secure VPN protocols, and protection against VPN leaks. All these things matter greatly when connecting to an open Wi-Fi network or hotspot. Using a VPN in Cyprus allows you to browse the web with superb online security.  Another added advantage of using a VPN in Cyprus is it allows the users to hide their location.

Virtual Location

By hiding your virtual location, you can access any websites or channels that monitor from where the traffic is coming. With premium VPN providers, you can enjoy some additional benefits too. For example, if you use a free VPN, you can face buffering or can’t access various Netflix libraries while streaming Netflix. But with a premium VPN, you can access services banned within your region.  You can also hide your location with a VPN to remain anonymous and keep your activities hidden.

No one can spy on your actions, particularly your ISP, and they can’t throttle your connection for excessively using the internet. This way, you can prevent the emails on copyright infringement and other cyber crimes hackers want to commit.

How to Select the Best VPN for Cyprus?

Best VPN


Choosing the best VPN for Cyprus is not as easy as it seems. There are many features you need to consider before making the final decision. What do you think you’re looking for in a VPN for Cyprus? Is it fast speeds, strong privacy and protection, or streaming capability? Whatever you might be looking for, you can’t neglect these fixed features.  Below is a brief description of the characteristics based on which you should select a VPN for Cyprus. Let’s have a look at these factors:

Extensive Server Network

Make sure that the VPN service provider comprises a vast server network. It should have servers in dozens of countries, including Cyprus. The best VPN is the one that offers an extensive server network as it allows you to connect to the nearest server within a fraction of the time.

Fast Connection Speed

When you choose a VPN, so test it for speed. No one wants to use a VPN that offers slow speed with maximum connection lags. Besides fast and consistent speed, the VPN should provide unlimited bandwidth so you won’t face any problems while streaming and torrenting.

Strong Encryption and Kill Switch

Another essential feature of the best VPN is that it provides the industry’s highest-grade encryption and advanced security features. Use a VPN that offers AES-256 grade military-grade encryption and has various security features, including a kill switch. It is an impressive feature that protects your IP address and identity when the VPN connection drops accidentally.


Always use a VPN that belongs to a safe jurisdiction that falls outside the global surveillance alliance circle. The service provider should have a clear no-log policy restricting them from keeping user logs or browsing history. A VPN having a no-log audit report will be a plus point.

Excellent Customer Support

Another essential aspect of the best VPN is that it offers exceptional customer support through various means. The VPN should have responsive email support and a 24/7 live chat option ready to assist customers. The website should also have a section that provides tutorials, blogs, and set-up guides.

How to Use a VPN in Cyprus?

Use a VPN in Cyprus


For most users’ setting up a VPN seems complicated. It’s because they’re using it for the first time, or maybe they don’t know the proper set-up steps. If you’re also one of them, then don’t. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to use a VPN in Cyprus, so follow them.

  1. Sign up for one of the best VPN for Cyprus. We’re choosing NordVPN in this case.
  2. Download and install the VPN software for your device.
  3. Sign in to your account by providing the relevant details.
  4. Open the VPN app and select a server of your choice.
  5. You’re now connected to a VPN. You can enjoy watching the blocked content or accessing any website you want.
  6. If you’re having any connectivity issues, contact your provider’s customer support.

Can We Use a Free VPN in Cyprus?

Most of the free VPN service providers come with a limited server network. It is worth noting that most free VPN providers don’t have servers in Cyprus, even if they have some problems that disturb your browsing experience. A small number of servers means a high load time. If you use a free VPN in Cyprus, then be ready to experience slow browsing and streaming speed.

Connection lags and buffering would be expected while you stream or play online games. Also, since there won’t be many IP addresses, you’d have limited choice to access the blocked content. Another significant reason for not using free VPNs is that they cannot maintain and protect your privacy. The majority of free VPNs lack essential and advanced security features. Like they don’t protect against IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks. Moreover, the absence of a kill switch, port forwarding, and strong encryption patterns makes them the worst choice.

Unwanted Pop-Up

Some VPNs even spam you with unwanted pop-up ads which are malicious. Clicking on these ads will infect your device with malware, ransomware, or other vulnerability and might risk your sensitive data.  Many VPN providers log your browsing data despite claiming to follow a no-log policy and sell your data to third parties. If you want to browse anonymously in Cyprus or any other jurisdiction, you should use a premium VPN, as privacy and security are their top priority. Also, they’re worth using and ensure a safe browsing experience for the users.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in Cyprus, you need to use a VPN to boost your online presence and access the geo-blocked content. You can’t use any VPN in Cyprus; it isn’t recommended to use a free VPN. The free VPN providers are less secure, and their performance and service are also not up to expectations. Always use a paid VPN and enjoy the unlimited benefits it offers.  You should always consider certain vital factors while choosing the best VPN for Cyprus. Don’t neglect them. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you’ve got a clear idea about the VPNs to use in Cyprus. Pick up anyone from the list mentioned above and enjoy browsing the web.