Five Best VPN for Poland to Use

by Vpn Guider

September 18, 2022

If you live in Poland or visit it for holidays or some work-related purpose, using the best VPN for Poland will bring numerous advantages for you. A VPN is of great use when it comes to boosting your online security and privacy. If you’re searching to find the best VPN to use in Poland, then read the entire article and get more insight into the topic. In Poland, the laws support and protect freedom of speech, but the government imposes specific data retention laws that compel that telecom companies retain user data.

Online Surveillance

Online surveillance of internet users for curbing crimes and terrorism can become stressful for people. The people always fear that they are being monitored and anyone from the concerned authorities can access their valuable data. If you are in Poland and want to maintain your online security by protecting your data from the snooping eye’s reach, you need to use the best VPN for Poland. Before we begin with the best VPN for Poland, first discuss Poland’s data retention laws and the reasons for using a VPN. So, let’s jump into this article.

Data Retention Laws in Poland

The government imposes mandatory data retention laws in Poland. The telecom authorities and other concerned officials are required to keep the user metadata for two years. The law permits the officials to use the collected data in various scenarios like minor criminal investigations and civil offenses. Besides this, the Polish authorities, including the law enforcement agencies and the intelligence agencies, can also access the user data without anyone’s permission. The higher authorities are not bound to take consent from the citizens whose data they are accessing.

Internet Law

The law abides by the internet service provider and the telecom companies to report to the Polish government about the total number of requests they receive for data access from the agencies.  According to the World Press Freedom Index 2020, Poland ranks 62 on the list. It is a good score and represents that the country observes less internet censorship and restrictions. In January 2021, Twitter banned Former US President Donald Trump from its platform.

Freedom of speech

The Polish government was considered a threat to freedom of speech and thus introduced a new free speech law. The draft law stated that social media companies could not remove any post or block any user account unless the content breaches Polish law. The law further says that the new law gives the users the right to file a complaint with the social media company, and for this, they have 48 hours.   The government drafted the law as Facebook took action and restricted the prominent Polish personalities’ online activities. The politicians belonging to the ruling nationalist-populist Law and Justice party filed a complaint regarding social media’s power to quell the conservatives’ voices.

Why Should We Use a VPN in Poland?

Use VPN in Poland


If you’re in Poland, then you experience geo-restrictions. Most streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix restrict Poland’s users from accessing and watching the content. A VPN is the most effective tool in dealing with the geographical imposed restrictions. It gives you a new IP address, and with that, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions. If you live outside Poland and want to access the local Polish content, you’ll face restrictions. Here again, a VPN comes into play.

You can access the Polish channels with a VPN from abroad. These channels include Polsat, TVP1, TVP2, and TVN.  Hackers have become more advanced than ever before. They now use sophisticated tools and techniques to target the users. It is now very easy for the hacker to steal your valuable data while connecting to a free wifi network. Such public networks are open for monitoring, and hackers always hunt for a new targeted victim. A VPN encrypts the data traffic and prevents anyone from tracking and invading your privacy. It also means that a VPN allows you to use a public network with complete anonymity and security.

Online Tracking

Despite being ranked as a free country by the Freedom House, the Polish ISPs log and store user data for two years. If you want to protect your online tracking and surveillance activities, using the best VPN for Poland is the best available solution. A VPN makes it impossible for your ISP, telecom companies, and other surveillance agencies to monitor your data or activities, and in this way, you remain private on the web.

Encryption Technology

A VPN uses encryption technology to keep you anonymous over the web. When you connect to a VPN so, it routes your traffic to the encrypted tunnel where the encryption process takes place. The data that comes out of the tunnel is invisible and unreadable. Only the decryption keys can decrypt it. All this prevents the ISP from tracking and logging details about the website you visit and what you do there. Moreover, it stops the local network administrators and wifi hotspot providers from seeing what you do online. As a whole, you should use a VPN in Poland to strengthen your online privacy and security.

Criteria for Choosing the Best VPN for Poland

Best VPN for Poland


You need to consider a few essential factors while you choose the best VPN for Poland. Below are our top considerations that might help you make the final decision about the VPN you want to use in Poland. The factors include:

  • Internet Kill Switch: It is an impressive security boosting feature that works when the VPN connection fails. When the VPN connection drops accidentally, your ISP is visible to your ISP and other snooping eyes. It can be risky as they can come to know about your activities, but a VPN with a kill switch protects your IP address from becoming visible when streaming or downloading torrents.
  • Logging Policy: A reliable and private VPN follows a strict no-log policy. It means that such a VPN doesn’t keep any metadata that they can provide to the surveillance agencies and protects you from getting exposed. Always choose a VPN with a zero-logging policy as it can be dangerous for the user if the VPN logs data.
  • High Speed: Never compromise on the speed. Choose a VPN that provides extraordinary fast and consistent speed on all the servers. You can opt for a speed test to get to know about the speed that your VPN offered.
  • Server Locations: It is yet another crucial factor while you choose the best VPN for Poland. A VPN that comprises numerous servers in a dozen countries allows you to stream to a wide variety of restricted content with fast connections. A VPN that has a maximum server location also allows fast connection while you browse the internet.

How to Use the Best VPN in Poland?

Use the Best VPN


Follow the appropriate steps, and within less than five minutes, you’d be connected to a VPN. Here’s what you need to do to use a VPN in Poland:

  1. Please select the best VPN for Poland and subscribe to it. For Poland, our recommendation is NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Log in to your VPN account.
  4. Choose a VPN server inside Poland if you want to access the Polish content or protect your digital privacy. Pick up any server outside of Poland if you wish to access the geo-blocked content from abroad.
  5. You are now using the internet with a VPN. Enjoy secure browsing and internet freedom.

Can We Use a Free VPN in Poland?

Yes, you can use a VPN in Poland, but we won’t recommend it. Instead of using a free VPN service provider, use the best premium VPN. Free VPNs offer slow speed that makes browsing and streaming an annoying experience. These services even throttle your connection as there are fewer servers available and too many users who try to connect to them. The free VPN providers are not private.

They are not at all good at encrypting the data traffic. Also, they store the data logs and sell them to the third-parties. Unlike the premium service providers, they don’t come up with customer support. If you get into any problem while setting up the VPN or any other issue, they won’t help you. Thus, for the best experience, we recommend using the best VPN for Poland.

Are VPNs Legal in Poland?

Yes, using a VPN is legal in most parts of the world, including Poland. You need to subscribe to a trustworthy and best VPN for Poland, complete the installation and login steps, and start using the VPN. Using a VPN is legal unless you engage in any online criminal activity against Polish law. If you do so, then you will get into great trouble.

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Final Thoughts

With the Polish telecommunication law amendments, if it’s recommended for everyone living in Poland or traveling there to use the best VPN for Poland. To make their internet activities safe and private, a VPN is the most effective tool that nobody should ignore. Besides boosting digital privacy, a VPN also keeps you safe from the snooping eyes of the government, ISPs, and other law enforcement agencies. It helps get around the geo-blocked restrictions and allows you to stream your favorite TV shows or movies from anywhere in the world. We hope that our recommendation for the best VPN to use in Poland might help you.