How to Install a VPN on Apple TV? A Quick Guide

by Vpn Guider

October 4, 2022

Streaming devices like Apple TV are mainly standard for streaming. As a VPN helps access geo-blocked content, install a VPN on Apple TV will be great. If you’re looking for the entire process, bear with us because this article is about how to install a VPN on Apple TV. Let’s jump into this article. Several Apple TV users are installing VPNs on their devices daily. It allows them to connect to whichever server they want and access all the content blocked in their region with a VPN. It is a worthy investment because you can increase your streaming potential by using a VPN on Apple TV. Now, let’s get into more detail about this topic.

Why Should You Use a VPN on Apple TV?

Before getting into the main topic about how to install a VPN on Apple TV, it is essential to discuss why you should need a VPN for your Apple Tv. So, two main reasons exist for using an install a VPN on Apple TV.

  • For internet freedom
  • Increased security for Apple TV

More Internet Freedom

You are all aware of the various benefits a VPN offers its users. Among all the benefits, one important one is that it allows you to access blocked content. If you connect a VPN on your Apple TV, you can unblock all the restricted geographical content. When you connect to the VPN, it will replace your IP address with the one given by the VPN server. You can redirect the traffic to a different country by choosing any other server.

If you want to watch the US Netflix shows despite residing in Australia, it is possible with a VPN. This way, it will look like you are using the internet from another location. No one can detect you or your activities, and with complete anonymity, you can stream your favourite streaming services and enjoy watching movies and TV shows. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that using an Install a VPN on Apple TV? provides you with more internet freedom with robust online protection.

Increase Security for Apple TV


Increase Security

Another important reason to install a VPN on Apple TV is to increase your online security. Each Apple TV device has a unique IP address similar to a zip code, making an internet connection possible. However, the downside is that it allows third parties to monitor and track your activities while using your Apple TV. You can avoid third-party tracking by using a reliable VPN provider that masks your actual IP address and encrypts your data traffic.

By doing so, you can boost your Apple TV online security. If you want to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Apple TV, you should also take care of your online security, and only a VPN can help you in this case. A VPN ensures that neither your ISP nor a hacker on any other watchdog can see your online activities. Even if they try, they will only see scramble letters and numbers that they can’t decrypt. So, to enjoy a safe and secure streaming experience on Apple TV, using a VPN is the best available solution.

How to Choose The Best install VPN for Apple TV?

While you choose the best VPN for your Apple TV, keep in mind checking the number of servers it offers. The VPN you choose should have an extensive server network. A VPN with a vast server network provides excellent performance by connecting you to the nearest and the fastest available servers. Also, make sure that your VPN is a good option for streaming. Apple TV is mainly used for streaming purposes, ensuring it can flow on various streaming services. This includes Netflix and other services, including Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, HBO, and Hulu.

Your VPN should offer fast and consistent speeds that ensure your streaming experience is free from buffering. Moreover, the VPN you choose should be free from leaks that can later disclose your identity. After reviewing several different VPNs, the best VPN for Apple TV is ExpressVPN. It allows streaming on the UK and US Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, and Now/Go. There are over 3000 servers, providing fast and consistent speeds across all the servers. Upon testing, no IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks are found. Our other choices include SurfShark, CyberGhost, and NordVPN.

Different Methods to Install a VPN on Apple TV

Install a VPN

After choosing the best VPN for Apple TV, the next step is installing it. This section will share three different installation methods, which are up to you, whichever way you choose. So, let’s begin with it.

Method No 1: Set Up a VPN on Your Router

The direct and easiest way to install a VPN on Apple TV is to set it up on your router. By doing so, all your Apple TV data traffic goes through to the router, and not just your Apple TV device but all other devices connected to the router gets secured. In this method, you need a workable and compatible router that has DD-WRT firmware. Firmware is essential because it decides whether you can set up and install a VPN on apple tv or not. If your router has one, no need to worry; you can download and install it. Once you have got all these things, follow the installation steps below:

  1. Login to your router’s dashboard settings.
  2. Connect your Apple TV with the WiFi of the VPN routers’. Connect your router with the VPN-compatible firmware.
  3. Configure your router with the VPN providers’ configuration files.
  4. Now connect to the VPN.
  5. Test your VPN for various leaks like DNS, IP, and WebRTC.

Method No 2: Using a Virtual Router for Apple TV

Another method by which you can install a VPN on Apple TV is installing it on a virtual router. It means a WiFi hotspot set up on your PC or laptop by the virtual router. You can use this method on macOS and Windows. Using a hotspot implies that your system works as a router and sends its internet connection. It is a recommended method because you get a stable and secure internet connection for all devices connected to the router. All your data remains protected when you connect your Apple TV with the virtual router. Here are the steps to install a VPN connection on a virtual router and then connect with your Apple TV:

Steps to install a vpn:

  1. I have chosen the Windows platform. Check you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Subscribe to the best VPN for Android and install it on your system.
  3. Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left, and in the search bar, type Command Prompt or cmd.
  4. A black screen will pop up. Type netsh WLAN start hostednetwork mode= allow ssid= network name key= password
  5. Now hit the Enter button, and a message will appear: “The hosted network started.”
  6. Share your virtual router. Click on Windows Key + R and type ncpa. Cpl.
  7. Tap on entering and then hit on, ok.
  8. Go to the Network Connections and search for your new WiFi connection. Your connection name will be in bold letters above the SSID.
  9. Find out the network connection named with your VPN provider name. Right-click on it and then tap on Select properties.
  10. Hit on the Sharing tab and look for the box that allows all other network users to connect via this system’s internet connection.
  11. Scroll down to the Home networking connection option. Select your new virtual router and press ok.
  12. Open your VPN Windows app. Configure the settings, like changing the protocols or enabling the split tunnelling mode. Select the server of your choice.
  13. Click on connect, and your Apple TV gets associated with the virtual router. Now you can enjoy streaming, and no need to worry about your online privacy and security because all your data is encrypted.

Method No 3: By Setting Up a DNS on Apple TV

The last method you can install a VPN on Apple TV is setting up the DNS server. Yes! To your shock, it is possible to set up a VPN by using a VPN. VPN providers like ExpressVPN come with the advanced and unique technology of Smart DNS. It is a feature or technology that helps you access geo-restricted content. Your DNS servers get changed by enabling this feature but remember it doesn’t hide nor encrypt your data.

If you are a privacy-conscious person, you shouldn’t use such a server. On Apple TV, the Smart DNS itself changes the settings. Follow the steps mentioned below to install a VPN on Apple TV:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN that offers a Smart DNS feature. (We have chosen ExpressVPN).
  2. Go to your account page, and click More under the set up your device option.
  3. Now click on Apple TV.
  4. You’ll see your DNS IP address on the right side of the screen. Please note it down and don’t forget it.
  5. Turn on your Apple TV and go to the Settings option.
  6. Tap on Network. You’ll see two options, i.e., ethernet and WiFi. Choose according to your connection.
  7. Now, go to Configure DNS and tap on Manual.
  8. Replace your current DNS address with the DNS IP address of the VPN provider.
  9. Hit on the Save button.
  10. Go to settings > system> click on restart. Once your device is restarted, you can stream as much as possible.

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Final Thoughts

A VPN is an excellent option for streaming devices like Apple TV. You can enjoy the same benefits on your PC or laptop with additional features like the Smart DNS. Consider the criteria mentioned above for selecting the best VPN for Apple TV. It is pretty challenging to choose one best among several available options. We’ll recommend making a list of the best Apple TV VPNs with four or five reliable VPNs compatible with install a VPN on Apple TV.

You can choose anyone to install it on your Apple TV. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, and SurfShark are our top priorities. In three different ways, you can install a VPN on Apple TV. The easiest and fastest method is to set it up on your router. The process is simple, and your Apple TV gets connected with a VPN within a few minutes. You can also opt for the other two methods but remember that using the DNS server method is risky.

It doesn’t encrypt the data traffic nor mask the IP address, so it is a big question mark on your online security and privacy. However, the other two methods are secure, and you can use any one of them to install a VPN on Apple TV.